WA-Vision "House of the Future"

Franz Arlart among the awardees at the WA-VISION-Award "House of the Future"



Franz Arlart among the awardees at the WA-VISION-Award "House of the Future"



Excerpt from the jury:

"Often we are exposed to unfinished, bleak conditions in the city, triggered by major construction sites that promise us a brighter future, but bring an uncomfortable present - and that for years. But why endure? The presented work is developing a "house" that is bridging the time to the future and providing a temporary use concept for these transformation states in public spaces. The house is not a house, but a wooden module construction that is simple and flexible, can be added and stacked and serves the "modern nomad" for living, working, discussing, meetings, restoration and pleasure. The proposal is being carried out through the example of "Stuttgart 21", to give this place in the heart of Stuttgart - whether in the old station hall or above the new underground station - liveliness and urban presence, also during the construction phase. The concept responds to the changing cycles of the interim states with fast dismantling and rebuilding times, as well as easy customizability. And it shall be sustainable: removable, recyclable, energetically self-sufficient and as a user of waste materials from the large-scale construction site an exemplary resource saver. Although in many cases only a promise, the carefully elaborated work deals with important questions of the future - not only on the architectural level but also on a broader urban planning level in a witty and sparkling way, which develops its own poetry through the fine hand sketches."


Franz Arlart

Prof. José Luis Moro, IEK University of Stuttgart
Dipl.-Ing. Matthias Rottner, IEK University of Stuttgart
Dipl.-Ing. Tilmann Raff, IEK University of Stuttgart



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