VDI-Competition "Innovative Research and Development Center"

2nd prize in VDI-Competition "Innovative Research and Development Center"



2nd prize in VDI-Competition "Innovative Research and Development Center"



Excerpt from the VDI price announcement:

“The second place of the VDI competition 2018/2019 "Innovative Research and Development Center" once again goes to the University of Stuttgart (Institute for Design and Construction). The team, consisting of Zosine Seybold (master student in architecture) and Marius Zach (master student in civil engineering), received the € 3,000 second prize for their interdisciplinary design work. Their concept captivated above all with a clear architectural language and a very good representation.

The design of their research and development center is designed as a modular timber construction. It offers a high degree of flexibility in the (follow-up-) use. The sustainable wooden construction enables a sorted dismantling. A façade made of profiled glass opens up an exciting play of views and insights plus ensures optimal room illumination.

The competition draft was supposed to consider the requirements of the different areas of a research and development center and to ideally combine them. Particular attention was paid to the interplay of product development, prototyping and component testing. In this case, an open space in the port of Neuss was selected as the exemplary building site for the competition task. The building concept was supposed to follow a modular construction principle and should be able to function on as many different properties as possible. In addition to criteria such as design and constructive quality, energy concept and sustainability, in the end also the feasibility was taken into consideration.”


Zosine Seybold
Marius Zach

Prof. José Luis Moro, IEK University of Stuttgart
Dipl.-Ing. Matthias Rottner, IEK University of Stuttgart
M.Sc. Franz Arlart, IEK University of Stuttgart
M.Sc. Lisa-Marie Gölz, KE University of Stuttgart



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